Meet ZimplyFresh

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Introducing The First Fresh Bar Preparation System.

Prepare your Own Fresh Organic Bar. Enjoy Fresh & Healthy Nutrition On-Demand

Wholesome Organic Ingredients

Our ‘Nature to Nurture’ philosophy of great taste begins with simple, organic ingredients to enable Fresh & Healthy Nutrition


A compact Fully-Automated System engineered to instantly prepare a healthy, great-tasting bar. It’s intelligent, sleek, one-touch – with ZERO clean-up.

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Filled with Organic and Simple ingredients, and nothing else – no preservatives. Our ingredients are carefully sourced, maintaining the highest standards and sealed to maximize freshness.

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The Bar

A dose of nature’s nutrients in a Fresh Bar.

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How the ZimplyFresh Ecosystem Works

Step 1 CONNECT: Your SnackBot simply connects to a power supply – and its ready to go.

Step 2 ORDER/RE-ORDER: Order online or join our convenient subscription plan – pick your favorite Zac recipes.

Step 3 FRESH NUTRITION: Place a Zac in the SnackBot, close the door and hit the start button. In minutes, a freshly prepared bar is available for your consumption.


A Fresh and Healthy Nutrition Habit

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